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Protect Your PC from Spyware Attack

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    To stay protected against spyware, adware and dialers, bear in mind the following advice:

    Increase your browser security level to prevent the automatic execution of scripts and ActiveX controls.

    Be especially careful with programs you download from the Internet: many free programs, especially those from P2P applications, could contain spyware or adware. These programs will affect the performance and memory of your computer, will prevent it from operating properly and can even cause the browser or operating system to block.

    Make sure the applications installed on your computer are kept up-to-date, by installing security patches released by application developers. This will prevent spyware from exploiting vulnerabilities to install itself on your PC.

    Install a good anti-malware solution on your computer that detects not just viruses but also, adware or dialers.

    Keep your anti-malware solution up-to-date. If your solution can be updated automatically, make sure it is configured to do so. Check the user guide of your solution to obtain detailed information about how to carry out updates.

    Ensure the permanent protection of your anti-malware program is updated at all times.


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